Vehicle Magnets


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High Energy Magnet only comes 24″ wide
Stronger holding power than normal 40 mil magnets

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Vehicle Magnets

Get more mileage out of your marketing

  • Low-cost branding on the go
  • Fade-resistant, durable & weather-resistant
  • Easy to apply, remove & re-apply

Magnets are digitally printed in high-resolution full color

Banners Two Go produces magnet signs using a three-step process. First, your image is printed onto adhesive vinyl using a high-res print process for the best possible image quality. For the second step, we take the printed vinyl and apply an overlaminate to it. The laminate is a visually clear protective film with a nice luster finish. The third and final step is to use a wide format laminator to permanently apply the printed and laminated vinyl to the magnetic backing material.

This process ensures the longest possible product lifespan and provides the best possible image quality when compared to other magnetic sign making processes that use only a single step to print directly onto the magnetic material with no extra protection applied afterward. The lamination that we apply delivers an extra layer of protection from abrasions and chemicals that are found on roadways. Before shipping your vehicle magnets, we round all four corners to safeguard your vehicle against scratches and to prevent “dog-earing” which helps keep the magnet mounted to your car by minimizing wind resistance on the corners.


We offer a good selection of the most common and popular magnetic sign sizes. As a precise fit is critical for magnets to lay completely flat on your vehicle, with no air pockets, plastic moldings, hard curves or door hinges, etc., we strongly suggest measuring a completely flat surface that will fit your magnets well on your vehicle.

Magnetic signs are usually ordered in pairs, so they can be displayed on both sides of your car simply by sticking to the surfaces where you wish to place them. Speaking of surfaces, we should note here that not all metallic surfaces will work. Magnets will not stick to non-ferrous metals and alloys including aluminum and stainless steel. There are surfaces that look like they should hold magnets that don’t. For instance, Chevrolet Corvette body parts are made from fiberglass. Other modern vehicles use aluminum door panels to reduce weight. Ultra high-end vehicles might use carbon fiber. You may also have trouble with doors made from plastic composites such as those found on some GM minivans. Therefore, we suggest you test your vehicle with any small refrigerator magnet before placing your order just to be safe.